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Some of you have asked where I buy all of my cake decorating supplies and boxes. The answer is the All-in-One Bake Shop.

Others have asked where I found all of the glow-in-the-dark supplies for Girl’s 13th birthday party, so here is that info, as well:

Glow Swizzle bracelets

Glow necklaces

Glow lightsticks

Glow cockroaches and Glow Lizards

BIG Glow Candy Cups or Goodie Bag Cups

Glow Super Balls

Glow Bead Curtain
(These were REALLY cheap and cheezy and fell apart when we tried to use them as curtains, but they glowed really well, so we took them apart and they looked GREAT draped, individually, like garland. Be careful – they tangled VERY easily.)
Glow Squishy Stars (these were a surprisingly big hit with the girls)

WAY COOL glowing ice cubes

Glow Beach Balls

Glow plastic silverware
(these were VERY fun and Boy and Girl have been using the leftover spoons and knives for their school lunches and snacks)

VERY fun glowing eyeglasses

A few of you have had trouble accessing the flickr photos, so I’ve amended them and made some of them publicly available (ones where the girls’ name tags weren’t visible), so that everyone can see them, but they’re still safe. Here’s a link to the new set on flickr:
Girl’s “Glow in the dark” 13th Birthday Party
You do NOT need to be logged in or create a flickr account to be able to view these photos.

Here are some suggestions for planning your own GLOW party:

Peppers and Pollywogs

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday in a Box (scroll down a bit)

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