Ham, Gruyere and Apple Panini and Creamy Sweet Potato Rosemary Soup

Recipes here.  Served with a little roasted cauliflower on the side.

This sandwich was insanely killer delicious and the soup was fantastic, too.  In fact, I am starving at this very moment and could go for one of these RIGHT now.  Yum!  Will definitely make this again.

Chocolate-Peppermint Stick Ice Cream


I made this fantastic ice cream after reading David Lebovitz’s fantastic article, “Scooped” (an interactive online version can be found here)  in the June/July 2009 issue of Fine Cooking (it had been tucked away in my files for a while.) It is a “Create Your Own Ice Cream” guide and gives a basic custard recipe, with several possible variations and additions. I added some high quality melted dark chocolate and cocoa and crushed candy canes (leftover from our Christmas tree.) This was delicious stuff and is definitely something I will be making again.