It won!




I didn’t know what to expect, at all, from this contest. I had no idea how many cakes there would be or how many of them would be “professional” ones, but my mom categorized the victory as a “smackdown”. I wasn’t there, but I’m just positive that my sweet, supportive mom was able to be objective (yeah, right) in her assessment. Actually, the judges were impartial third parties and the provenance of the cakes was not marked. In any case, I have a blue ribbon coming my way. Mom made sure to remind me that this is an annual event. Yikes! As long as it’s not a “State Fair” theme every year, I’m sure I can come up with something.

2 thoughts on “It won!”

  1. That is AWESOME!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserved to win, you did an amazing job, and it looks professional to me. I would have bought it. (somehow I missed this post before)

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