Acorn Squash Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

Recipe here.

This lasagna was OUTSTANDING.  I will definitely be making it again.  Boy hasn’t historically been a big fan of lasagna, because he’s not wild about tomato sauce (although he’s getting MUCH more open-minded lately,) but he loved this mellow, rich sauce.  It was SO good.  My only criticism is that I don’t really care for the “no bake” noodles.  They just never seem to reach the right texture; they’re always still just a bit too chewy.  It all depends upon the consistency of your sauce and how much available liquid there is for the noodles to absorb, so maybe I overcooked my sauce and it was too thickened for the noodles to cook in, but, either way, I will be using “regular” noodles when I make this again.

Even with the chewy noodles, though, this was fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Acorn Squash Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce”

  1. Staci – Really, it was SO good…if you think they’ll be freaked out, don’t tell them there’s squash in it. There’s just a very vague, tangy flavor…very subtle…and the color won’t give it away…it just looks “golden,” not dead-giveaway ORANGE. Let me know what they think.

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