Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Steamed broccoli.  Chicken thighs sprinkled with Baby Bam, then grilled and sliced.  Truffle Mashed potatoes.

(I wanted the focus of this meal to be on the potatoes, so I thought the rest of the food should be simple.  I thought using Baby Bam on the chicken would be fitting, since the potato recipe is also from Emeril Lagasse.)     Potato recipe here.

I was thrilled recently a few months ago (cause I’m the most procastinating blogger there is) to find some beautiful black truffles for sale at Whole Foods.  It was the first time that I had ever seen them for sale in Austin, although before having very liberal access to them on our family trip to Italy this summer, I was never quite so passionate about them.  I grabbed them from the produce case without a second thought, knowing that I would be able to come up with something fabulous to use them in.  There were three in the small, clear plastic deli box (I can’t BELIEVE that I forgot to take a photo!) and they were packed in arborio rice, which is typical, but is also controversial.  I cooked some in a roasted chicken (more on that later) and made some into truffle butter (this link will also allow you to read up on the storage-in-rice controversy) and then used what was left to make these mashed potatoes.  They were earthy and buttery and fabulous.  Now that truffle season is over, I know that I will be craving them until next summer, when I plan to order some from d’Artagnan.

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