Multigrain Pasta with Pistou Forestier

Finished dish (missing the creme fraiche…if you make it exactly according to the recipe, yours will be “creamier”)
Mushrooms, before roasting
Finished pistou
I found this fabulous recipe (recipe here) on Serious Eats. It was written by Kerry Saretsky, whose recipes are a never-fail for me. This girl knows her stuff. My favorite Salmon with Lentils recipe is hers, too.
The Girl has recently become a vegetarian, so it has required some creativity to please her at the dinner table, while keeping my two resident confirmed carnivores happy. This dish is rich and hearty enough to be a vegetarian main course (round it out with some salad and a nice dessert,) but is light and healthy enough to be a first (pasta) course, if served in small portions.
OK, now confession time…I didn’t do the prosciutto crisps and the herb chips, because it was just too fussy for your ordinary weeknight. If, however, I were serving this for a dinner party, etc., I would absolutely do them. I also completely goofed up and forgot to add the creme fraiche. At all. And it was still fabulous. Obviously, if I do it again, I will definitely add it, because…pass up creme fraiche? Intentionally? I don’t think so.
Oh, also? I used linguine pasta because I couldn’t find the brand that I wanted in spaghetti pasta.

Tilapia Tostadas

This recipe from Cooking Light magazine is a definite winner. To adapt it for The Girl, who is now a vegetarian, I added some black beans (canned, drained and rinsed) to the corn relish (she made her tostadas without fish.)
These were delicious. A little messy (to cook, not to eat), because I fried the tortillas, instead of oven-broiling them, but VERY yummy and still healthy.
We also added some Rosie’s fresh tomato salsa. Because it is awesome.