Brown Butter Raspberry Tart

Tart (from L to R):  before baking, serving slice, while cooling.  Click on photos to see them bigger.

When I saw this recipe in Bon Appetit this summer, I knew that I would HAVE to make it.  I’m a sucker for anything containing browned butter and I LOVE any kind of berries.  I never suspected that I would be making it in January (so far out of berry season,) but Costco had some lovely organic raspberries yesterday and I decided to go for it.  I am absolutely and totally sure that I am going to hell for using raspberries from California in January and there is nothing that you can do to convince me otherwise, but I think this tart might just have been worth it.  It also makes your kitchen smell amazing when it’s cooking.  I know this doesn’t sound so great, but did any of you have those Strawberry Shortcake-type dolls as a kid?  The ones that actually smelled like whatever fruit they were supposed to be?  Well, it’s a bit obvious, but my entire kitchen smelled like a “Raspberry Tart” doll.  Or, rather…maybe the dolls were made to actually smell as they were supposed to…

The browned butter adds great richness.  The crust is a bit tricky to get evenly layered into the pan and mine still ended up a bit thick and crisp and, although not to the detriment of the dessert overall, it needed a bit of care when cutting each bite so as not to send bits (bites?) of tart flying off your plate.  Would have been even better (as Hubby pointed out) topped with a small bit of vanilla ice cream.

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