Alton Brown’s Funnel Cake

As a family, we love amusement parks.  We have been to ones all over the South, from Texas (SixFlags and SeaWorld) to Florida (Disney/Epcot, Universal, SeaWorld/Discovery Cove) to The Carolinas (Carowinds) to Virginia (Kings’ Dominion) and many more.  One of our favorite treats (the very last thing, before leaving the park) is to share a funnel cake together.

Well, it’s been a really long time since we’ve been to a park (July, and that was only Boy and me,) so I decided last night to make one of these critters for us.  I halved Alton Brown’s recipe (since we didn’t need 10…our tradition is to share one) and I made it as one giant, funnel cake, as it is traditionally served at our beloved amusement parks.

Fabulous.  A little difficult to turn over in the pan, but WELL worth the effort.

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  1. I’m sad you are gone from FB, but glad to see you here again. We LOVE funnel cake as well & I will be making this sometime soon!

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