Crispy Black Beans Tacos with Cabbage Slaw


These tacos
(from February 2009 Bon Appetit magazine) were pretty tasty and quite easy. The beans could have used a tiny bit more seasoning, so I would up the amount of cumin, and maybe add some oregano, too, if I make these again. I substituted queso fresco for the feta.
All of us liked these except Boy, and I think that he would have liked them better if the beans were spiced up a bit.
We made Michelada cocktails to go with these, which were really not to our taste. The recipe sounded like it had potential (it’s the recipe from El Chile restaurant, here in Austin), but I think they just weren’t our “thing.” I think that I would have liked it better without the Worcestershire.

2 thoughts on “Crispy Black Beans Tacos with Cabbage Slaw”

  1. I think they would be OK, but I would add a lot of lettuce, onion, tomato, pico de gallo, salsa, etc, because without the slaw, the tacos are pretty much just beans. Another option would be to add some type of pre-cooked meat (taco meat or grilled chicken.). These are basically a version of tacos al carbon, so you might find some different recipes by googling for that. I’ve seen Bobby Flay make a yummy-looking one on his show with pork in it. I think you could sub cheese to your taste, but queso fresco is VERY mild and *might* be OK for Wil (or you could just leave it off.)

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