Flaky Blood Orange Tart with Salted Caramel Sauce

I had been looking forward to trying this for weeks. I usually can read over a recipe and quickly imagine what it will taste like and even whether or not we are likely to enjoy it. From the moment I saw this one, I thought it sounded fantastic. We LOVE Cara Cara oranges and, of course, we love caramel and figured that this dessert would be the perfect pairing of those two things. I had prepared it ahead of time and had it frozen, according to the recipe directions, waiting for the perfect night to bake it.
Frozen tart, before baking.
Well, I guess my recipe instincts were totally off, because this was just AWFUL. Terrible. Inedible, really. I did make some adaptations: I used Cara Cara instead of blood oranges and I realized, after assembly, that I probably didn’t slice the oranges as thinly as I was supposed to, because they didn’t get all shrively-dried looking like the ones in the magazine photo.
Honestly, the tart might not have been too bad on its own (or maybe with some vanilla ice cream), but I pretty liberally drizzled each serving with the salted caramel sauce, rendering it too salty for anyone (except maybe deer in search of a salt lick) to consume. The tart, though, for all the work that it required, really just wasn’t stellar. The best thing about this recipe was the crust/dough, which was flaky and sugar-crusted. The caramel would be good, too, without the salt (or with the quantity vastly reduced.) I might try to make this tart again with berries, because the dough really was delicious, but the recipe, as is? No, just NO.

2 thoughts on “Flaky Blood Orange Tart with Salted Caramel Sauce”

  1. Yes, it WAS gorgeous, but it was like drinking salt water mixed with orange juice. Might have been OK with the orange sliced thinner, with the salt omitted (or CONSIDERABLY toned down) from the caramel sauce.

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