Equal Time for the McCain/Palin supporters

Okay, just in case I’ve offended anyone with my blog’s Obama badge, I want to give the McCain/Palin supporters some “equal time” and present an opportunity for them to show us what they’re all about…here ya go:

2 thoughts on “Equal Time for the McCain/Palin supporters”

  1. Gosh, no…my “Equal Time” post was totally meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Obviously, I know those folks don’t really speak for McCain, but I can understand how that was not apparent in my tone. There is plenty of ignorance to go around in this election, on both sides. Even though I voted for Obama, there is actually a lot that I respect about McCain. It’s just that Obama’s views on the issues more closely align with my opinions. And, um, yes….I actually DO know what his platform is. ;-0 Didn’t mean to offend or to criticize McCain in anything other than a lighthearted way. Truth be told, I’m not totally thrilled by either candidate and find your video just as amusing (horrifying, etc.) as the one that I posted. Thanks for the reminder that other folks besides my hubby also read this blog; I tend to forget. And thanks for reading. There are some actual “food” posts coming soon.

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